Monthly Archives: September 2015

You were a prudent businesswoman
I was a marginal street kid

Furtively I took a brief, hurried peep at you
Like a sly animal
Stealing glances

Little did you know,
I spent my evening
Contemplating your ambiguous eyes

I thought
Maybe your eyes saw
Some inexplicable potential
In mine

Until that very next day
When, by chance
We unexpectedly met again

And you just
Looked away

Gold is known in fire
The flame will burn the liar
Don’t trust a vacant, glassy stare
After a dramatic plea, crafted with care

The Devil’s miracles could deceive
The heart on your sleeve
There’s never  time for despair
Dress however you want! Colour your hair!

You’ll never be silenced; never suppressed
So kick that foot off your chest
Real gold is known in fire
The flame will swallow the liar

you can depend on
that minute nation of shop-owners
and bartenders
not even worthy of notice
hold them in awe
think of them as gods

the random passers-by
the extras in the background

the only people who mean what they say

FYI : I know I haven’t published a poem in an incredibly long time, but I’m not dead. I just didn’t really feel like writing poetry for the longest time. Anyways, I’m back now!