Monthly Archives: December 2014

Nothing ever really goes in
Nothing ever really comes out
But at least I know how to keep a fire going
I don’t cry, and I don’t learn
But I know how to keep that fire going
And the walls say forever
And my shoes aren’t worn out yet
And you change
And the sun still looks the same
But that fire

The machine clicks and turns
Spins and drills
It buzzes and stops
Twists and repeats
The parts perform their tasks
The lights flash
It ticks and shakes
Rattles, clatters and rumbles
Every once in a while
The complex structure seizes up
But it always restarts
The bizarre machine
Does what it does
Indifferent toward our needs
It looks down on our engineers
And silly scientists
It says we’re all too young to know

I wish I could find the value of everything
By performing a normal mathematical operation
Or perhaps understand the future
By learning of the past
Or even learn how to make my woman love just me
By reading old, boring, romantic comedies
Sadly I’m only suggested solitude
And stepping back, assessing the situation
I am a fool, I am a fool
You underestimate me!
I’ll crunch some numbers
And sit down, pretend to work
I’ll hand in my opinion
I’ll tell you how I feel
I’m a number
You’re just mistaken
I understand
I understand
You are a fool, you are a fool
You never understood
To fully understand the wolves
You must live among them
Well, We’ll all be dead by midnight
Float up to the ceiling
Look down at our lifeless bodies
And watch the moral law within us
Fade away and die
Untill we wake up again