On the parquet flooring in the bedroom

The carriages skim past one another bitterly
Greeting one and all

The liberty of the willows and birches
brisk on all sides

Heaven below
Earth beneath

A little one guides them in everything

In my misplaced entitlement
my miry, inane infliction

and in quiet moody moments
regret would come wash over me

like a heavy wave

i only massaged my temples
and bustled down the corridors

on the edge of my plastic chair
yes of course, those playful punches

all in abundance

and i

could have focused on the future
or ran my fingers through my hair

shouted curses and let out cries
waited for a burnished bullet

but i just sat there

and i thought of nothing at all
i let hunger claim possession

there, puffing on my cigarette
watching silver smoke curl and dance

i thought of nothing



Exalt the down and friendless stranger
He’s falling freely, an undoubted danger
Away in the distance, straight or winding
Breezed in branches, lights were shining
And only seemingly the case…
Did the rabbit ever win the race?

meeting of minds/social agreement/disorienting hangover
academic reading //

I feel self-concious in dresses…

an undergraduate’s academic stresses
pigs in cages
with thoughts outrageous
and shapeless plans
and evil hands
– (it’s kind of crazy when you think about it) –
thoughts turn into ballads and rhythm
and like an algorithm

the poems too stay with them

and turn into ideas again

The least answerable and yet, most important overseers
of this generation
thrived in the dullness beyond heavy, iron-bound doors
of palaces, built to inspire awe in the populous
They awarded themselves with banners and titles
after undiplomaticly resolving both personal conflicts
and quarrels between nations
And though
Even my forefathers
bought up all the precious; yellow gold in China
They always told themselves :
Hunger is the perfect evil
Tyranny is the greatest irony

Even though I too, am the vicious beast
that teaches
and smiles
I learn to suffer
and suffer to learn


Behind a thin white vapour
which befogs homespun dealt hands
and trials and tribulations
stands proud a good observer
with a silent mouth

Dressed in his usual crisp suit
dressed in his disdain for attainment
In his monochromatic
levelheaded world
with his rimmed glasses
and his crisp suit

that unhuman reality
so far from
soft half-warm daylight
and smooth colours
a promise of the growing seasons to come

the good
the bad
& the ugly

the organic
the spiritual
& the bureaucratic

Vials of familiar wrath
Lightless, somber path
The hands on her shoulder
One hasn’t the heart to scold her

A picture of a beach
Just beyond reach
On the wall
Telephone call


so far away

This city is bigger than
The languor of the serious soldiers
Who march wistfully within
From factory to foundation; day and night

This city doesn’t revolt
For the sake of artlessly revolting
It doesn’t simply disgust
For the sake of disgusting

The silhouette of the charming skyline
Stretches far and wide
Laugh, grin, roar and howl
Admire every spectacle
Cherish every sight

Think alone
Dream alone
Smoke alone

Neatly mowed lawn/Waterfall
Stone palaces/Tribes
Honking/Birds tweeting
Street musicians/Jungle

Truth wherever truth
Picture wherever picture
Freedom wherever freedom
Journey, journey, I like making jokes